Shetland Wool Weekend


From 10:00 am Friday until 12:00 pm Sunday

At Brigid's Loft & Bazaar Girls


Celebrating American-Grown Shetland


A mini-retreat dedicated to stranded knitting, knitted lace,

spinning, and all things Shetland wool.




                                  Varian Brandon                       Jeane deCoster            Judith Mackenzie



Kerry Graber             &            Jann Hoppler


A little about Varian...

Varian Brandon started knitting at eight. A trip to the islands of Great Britain rekindled a love of color and created an interest in the traditions of Fair Isle design and construction. She is currently designing stranded colorwork patterns for several yarn companies, international magazines, and her own website.

Currently living in Saluda, North Carolina, Varian has been teaching stranded colorwork and related knitting techniques at local yarn shops, regional fiber festivals, and for the past thirteen years at the Kanuga Knitting and Quilting Retreat in Hendersonville, North

Carolina which she coordinates. Online, she can be found at or on Ravelry as varianbrandon.

A little about Jeane...

From a young age, I’ve been fascinated with yarn and all the things you can do with it. I think the earliest project I remember is starting a needlepoint butterfly and “accidentally” leaving it at my auntie’s house. It was proof that all things yarn are magical when Santa returned it to me completely finished. This led to an education in textiles and fashion but I was led astray to pursue both fashion and computers under various corporate umbrellas.

I finally started my own yarn company in 2005 as a way to continue exploring that lost magic. Elemental Affects (a U.S. yarn company) started out specializing in breed-specific yarns sourced from our local farms and processed wholly in the United States. Along the way, I’ve branched out to include a little bling (silk from China) but always designing yarns that deliver quality construction and celebrate the characteristics of various sheep breeds.

A little about Judith...

Judith MacKenzie has been spinning and weaving most of her life and has been a textile artist for over thirty years. Her traditional training has been expanded with world travel, deep research, and industry consultation. Judith is a renowned spinner and a frequent contributor to Spin-Off magazine. She writes and teaches extensively and is the author of The Intentional Spinner (Interweave, 2009) and The Practical Spinner’s Guide: Rare Luxury Fibers (Interweave, 2015).

A little about Kerry...

I am an avid knitter, spinner of yarn, dyer, designer of patterns, and owner of Jorstad Creek  - A Yarn & Fiber Company. Since starting the yarn and fiber company as a one-person operation, I’ve grown the company into a retail and wholesale endeavor. Now expanded to include 3 part-time staff, including three additional dye artisans, Jorstad is so much more than I dreamed. Jorstad is a local yarn store to our community of Olympia and surrounding areas, a stop-over for travelers on their way to Portland or Seattle, and a destination for knitters looking for our hand-dyed yarn and fiber. For the Jorstad team, the Studio is an idea made real by our own hands. 

A little about Jann...

I am a knitting designer, teacher, tech editor, and manage a small publishing company. You can contact me at


With Special Guests


    Mary Elizabeth Scott        Maddy from Jorstad Creek       Crystal Taggart Of Crystal's Idyll


The fun begins on Friday with check-in from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. 

The cost for the weekend is $597 and includes Friday lunch, a presentation, a short film festival with dessert and beverages Friday evening, classes and dinner on Saturday, a choose your own adventure Shetland Lab on Sunday, a SWAG bag, door prizes, trunk shows, and fun, fun, fun!!!

View the full schedule HERE!

Historic Port Townsend is a beautiful little harbor town with several options for accommodations. The Palace, The Swan, and The Bishop Hotels are all within walking distance of Brigid's Loft.

The Bishop Hotel 360-302-6984

The Palace Hotel 360-385-0773

The Swan Hotel 360-385-1718


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