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Bazaar Girls has teamed up with Longmont Yarn Shoppe in Colorado and other shops across the country to present Fiberside Chats with famous designers. Register at Longmont Yarn Shoppe and scroll down to find the Bazaar Girls sign-up. It’s a great way to support yarn shops, designers and have some fun too!


Upcoming Fiberside Chats:


July 10

Jillian Moreno

Unhappy with your spinning or knitting? It’s not you; it’s your yarn! In this talk, Jillian Moreno will expose the inner workings of yarn construction and how it affects your knitting. She will walk you through the steps of how yarn is built, from fiber to draft, to ply, and show you exactly why you might be unhappy with a yarn or knitting project. Spinners will see how each intentional choice in spinning results in the exact yarn perfect for whatever knitting project you have in mind. Knitters will learn how a little insider knowledge of yarn construction makes substituting yarn easier and leads to happier knitting.   Jillian Moreno is the author of the best-selling spinning book Yarnitecture: A Knitter’s Guide to Spinning: Building Exactly the Yarn You Want. She is passionate about exploring the structure of yarns and using them in intentional and creative ways in knitting, stitching, and weaving. Through exploration, curiosity, and play, she enthusiastically encourages her students and readers to feel confidence and joy spinning their ideal yarns and making with yarn. Jillian regularly writes about spinning and how the yarn works for, Ply Magazine, and Modern Daily Knitting. She teaches online and all over the world. When she’s at home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, she can be found wantonly basking in her stash and reading mysteries. Keep up with her fiber exploits at and her hand spinning Patreon []

This is a one-time live Zoom Event on Saturday, July 10th at 4:00 pm Eastern, 3:00 pm Central, 2:00 pm Mountain, 1:00 pm Pacific.

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July 24

Melissa Leapman

Do you want to learn the secrets of knitting reversible cables? Melissa Leapman will be back at Fiberside Chats to teach us another awesome technique! In one fun-filled hour, you’ll amaze yourself–and everyone you know!–with a fabric that has completely different cables on each side. No sorcery required! There is, however, a little homework required to knit along with Melissa! With a light-colored worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles, CO 30 sts. Row 1 (RS): Slip the first 2 sts purlwise with the yarn in the back, p1, [k2, p2] 6 times, k1, p2. Repeat Row 1 until the piece measures approximately 1″. Slip sts onto the holder with the yarn still attached.  

Supplies to have on hand: Homework swatch: appropriate size needles; open ring stitch marker; 2 double-pointed needles, US size 5 or 6; sticky notes.

With over 1250 designs in print, Melissa Leapman is one of the most widely-published American knit and crochet designers at work today. She’s worked with leading ready-to-wear design houses and is the author of several bestselling knit and crochet books including The Knit Stitch Pattern HandbookMastering Color Knitting6000+ Pullover PossibilitiesKnitting the Perfect FitMelissa Leapman’s Indispensable Crochet Stitch Collection, and most recently, Knitting Modular Shawls. She is a sought-out speaker and teacher at national and international yarn events such as Vogue Knitting Live. She lives in New York City.

This is a one-time live Zoom Event on Saturday, July 24th at 4:00 pm Eastern, 3:00 pm Central, 2:00 pm Mountain, 1:00 pm Pacific.

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July 31

Nancy Marchant

In this Fiberside Chat, we’ll be in the presence of the “Queen Mother of Brioche”, Nancy Marchant! She will share the history of how she developed the brioche stitch and tuck stitches for hand knitters too. We’ll be heartened to learn that although she’s been ‘brioching’ for years she still finds the stitch difficult to read in some circumstances. Nancy will share tips and tricks to help you in your next brioche project. We’ll see many examples from her books and get an insider view of her latest book idea – Knitting Brioche Shapes. Whether you’re experienced, a novice, or completely intimidated by this stitch – you won’t want to miss this Chat!! Nancy Marchant was born in Indiana but Amsterdam has been her home for more than 40 years. Her first published knitting pattern was in 1974. She’s seen knitting styles and techniques change over the years and has built up quite a collection of knitwear designs. Nancy has studied the nuances of the brioche stitch and developed new and exciting stitch patterns and techniques for achieving beautiful brioche and tuck stitch results. She is the author of Knitting Brioche, Knitting Fresh Brioche, Leafy Brioche, Tuck Stitches, Knitting Brioche Lace, and Brioche Knitting.
This is a one-time live Zoom Event on Saturday, July 31st at 1:00 pm Eastern, 12:00 pm Central, 11:00 am Mountain, 10:00 am Pacific, 7:00 pm CEST.
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