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In Person with Bristol Ivy: Say It in Stitches: Encoding Messages in Lace

All knitters know what knitting has to offer, but what if you could add the ability to create secret messages to that list? Please join us in Port Townsend as we welcome Bristol Ivy, here in person from her base in Maine. Bristol has been experimenting with encoding words into lace knitting, so that you could, for instance, make a shawl that has the names of […]

In-Person Gansey Design Workshop With Beth Brown-Reinsel

Join us Sept. 23 – 25 in Pt. Townsend for a three-day workshop with Beth Brown-Reinsel, coming to us from Vermont. Beth will guide you as you design your own Gansey sweater, based on historical techniques and motifs. The Gansey was the prevalent British Isles fisherman’s sweater during the 19th and early 20th Centuries, and Beth brings a deep knowledge of both the history and the […]

Sweater Design Workshop with Ann Budd

A six-session, eight-week online class with Ann Budd. Saturdays, July 30; Aug. 6; Aug. 13; Aug. 27; Sept. 3; Sept. 17. All classes meet on Zoom from 9:30-11:30 Pacific time. This class will be recorded and made available to you for one week after class. If the time doesn’t work for you, you may sign up anyway and watch the recording afterward. This is a class […]

Argyle Socks with Anne Berk

This is a 2 part class. Argyle socks have been associated with the Scottish culture since 1500, but they took America by storm post-WWII. Popularity waxes and wanes, but this traditional patterning has never completely gone away. Anne will teach us how to knit traditional Argyle socks, which include knitting flat Intarsia for the leg, turning the heel, and working the gusset, then joining in the […]

FREE: Demonstration of Antique Sock-Knitting Machine

Make your way to Bazaar Girls on May 21 from 1-3 pm to see a FREE demonstration of sock knitting using an antique circular sock-knitting machine.  No registration is required, just come on down. Bazaar Girls’ friend Pam Skillman has offered to show us how an antique sock-knitting machine works. Pam will show all aspects of making a sock on a circa-1900  machine, including toes, heels, […]

Pool Party! with Keith Leonard

Everybody into the pool!  Color pooling is SO MUCH FUN! In this class, we will learn both assigned and planned pooling. Pooling is when the colors in the skein of yarn stay together throughout the knitting process. It’s fun, easy, and addictive. Watch your hand-dyed yarns come alive in a whole new way. Materials: Please note, that not all yarns will work for pooling. The yarn […]

Wrap It Up with Kim McBrien Evans

Saturdays from 10:00 – noon PT on May 21; June 4; June 18; June 25. Classes will be recorded, and the recording made available to students for one week after each class. Kim will take us on an adventure in custom shawl design, using her book, “Custom Shawls for the Curious and Creative Knitter” (written with Kate Atherley) as a guide. The goal of the class […]

Slip It, Float It, Tuck It with Bristol Ivy

Knitting is based on two fundamental stitches, right? We knit, and we purl. But what happens if we. . . slip? In this class, we’ll discuss how slipping (and slipping’s compatriots, floating and tucking) stitches instead of working them can lead to patterns of their own and add texture, dimension, visual interest, and structure to our knitted fabric. We’ll start with a small swatch to understand […]

Sweaters That Fit with Kim McBrien Evans

Are you a would-be sweater knitter? Do you have a fear of putting time and effort into sweaters that don’t fit? In this class, we’ll look at ways to improve your sweater knitting before you even start your pattern. Learn how to create perfect sweater fabric and how to take the most important measurements for sweater fit; how to apply that information to choose the best […]

Skill-Building for Beginners: Intro to Slip-Stitch Knitting with Michele Lee Bernstein

Slip-stitch knitting allows you to achieve glorious colorwork knitting without carrying two strands at the same time. Slip-stitch (sometimes called Mosaic Knitting) with two colors makes your knitting look complex, but you have to manage only one color in each row. It really is magic. The Slip Away Cowl introduces you to five slip-stitch patterns, knitted flat. You can use any or all of these patterns […]