Crafting for a Cause

Crafting For A Cause 

We meet the last Sunday of the month ~ 10 am.
Bazaar Girls is gearing up for our 2020 season of charitable knitting. We will continue to do our yearly hat drive for Dove House and the local Homeless shelter. In addition to this, we’ll be crafting to support two groups: Welcome Blanket; and the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Crafters can make items for one of these causes, or for any other cause. As always with Crafting for a Cause, you’re welcome to come to our Sunday sessions (which will have snacks and companionship), or knit on your own and drop your donation by Bazaar Girls at any time.

The Welcome Blanket Project aims to connect people already living in the United States with our country’s newest immigrants through stories and handmade blankets, providing both symbolic and literal comfort and warmth. From their website: …A welcome blanket is traditionally created to lovingly mark the arrival of a new person into the world. In the Welcome Blanket project, each handmade blanket is a physical manifestation of this celebration of new refugees and other immigrants: “Welcome to the United States and your new life here! We are so glad you have arrived.” Please see the Welcome Blanket website to see the blankets other have made, and to learn about pattern requirements before you begin your project: blankets must be 40″ x 40,” for instance, but there are no material restrictions.

We will also be making “fidget muffs” to give to those struggling with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-type illnesses. Fidget muffs are knitted, sewn or crocheted mitts or muffs with textured yarns, buttons, sparkly things, and other bits and bobs added. They are designed to provide a stimulation activity for restless hands for patients suffering from dementia. There are numerous photos of “fidget muffs” or “twiddle muffs” on the Internet, in case you’d like to check out the possibilities.

As always with Crafting for A Cause, we will help you plan your project. We also have lots of free yarn in our Free Box, and we offer a 10% discount on supplies for those doing charity knitting. And if you don’t have time to spare to make a Welcome Blanket or a fidget muff but would like to contribute, please consider donating some yarn or supplies to the free box. And as I mentioned earlier, hats! We always accept hats.

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