Beautiful Beaded Bracelets with Sivia Harding


From 11 am until 2 pm

At Zoom Meeting

$75 - $81

Join Portland-based designer and teacher Sivia Harding to work on a beautiful beaded bracelet that is a tutorial of beading techniques. You'll learn about a million things about beads and how they interact with different stitch patterns. You'll emerge with inspiration and tons of ideas for putting beads in your knitting. The handout includes three additional bracelet patterns for you to enjoy making at home.

Level: Adventurous beginner. Skills required: Knitting, purling, casting on, binding off, simple increases and decreases, yarn over; I-cord experience a plus but not necessary.
The class fee includes a kit. Kit includes a pattern, yarn, bead threader, button closure, and beads to make one bracelet.
Students supply: size 1 (2.25mm) double-pointed knitting needles; crochet hook size .75 mm; yarn or tapestry needle.

Crochet hooks and DP needles available in the shop. 

Homework: String at least 50 MC beads onto the outside end of yarn (not the center pull end) with the dental floss threader in your kit. Use the threader just like you would use a needle; thread the yarn end through the loop, and pick up beads with the long end. When you have picked up several beads, slide the stack of beads down the strand of yarn. Repeat until the desired number of beads has been strung. It's a good idea to string a few extra. Since the length of the bracelet will be sized to your actual wrist, you may require more beads.

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