EEK! Steeks with Mary Scott Huff


From 10 am until 1 pm

At Zoom Meeting


Introducing an adventure for thrill-seeking knitters: steeking is a miraculous process that allows the knitter to knit a colorwork garment in the round and then cut (cut!!) it afterward to make room for sleeves, to make a cardigan, or to shape the neckline. 
Join the intrepid Mary Scott Huff for a 3-hour exploration of steeks. Why, where, and how to cut our knitting is magical knowledge, and Mary will reveal the secrets. In this class, we will learn three different techniques for securing steeks and actually do the deed. Add these techniques to your knitting toolbox and you’ll never see knitting the same way.

NOTE: There will be some homework prior to the class if you'd like to prepare a sample for steeking. Of course, the faint of heart may also just watch.

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