Brioche Doctor with Michele Lee Bernstein


From 11 am until 1 pm

At Zoom Meeting

$45 + materials

You’ve learned to knit brioche, and you love it! But sometimes things go wrong. Learn how to fix common brioche mistakes, from simple missed yarn-overs all the way through frogging and getting your work back on your needles.

Prerequisite: Experience with 2-color brioche rib knitting. This is not a beginning brioche class. We’ll be working with a flat swatch, and instructions will be provided in the homework pdf. If you’ve only ever worked 2-color brioche in the round, you should still be able to manage the homework. Michele has lots of helpful tutorials on her website ( to get you up to speed. Stop swearing and start repairing!

Homework: Bring to class: One flat brioche rib swatch, knitted in two strongly contrasting colors of worsted weight yarn on appropriately sized needles (US 6 or US 7). Leave work on the needles. (You’ll need to work your flat swatch on a circular needle or dpns. Straight needles won’t do.)

Additional supplies: One crochet hook in a size appropriate for the yarn in your swatches, size F or G would work. One extra dpn. (If you have something like the Susan Bates Handi Tool, with a crochet hook at one end and a pointy needle at the other, this can take the place of a crochet hook and dpn.) U-shaped cable hook. 4 locking stitch markers. 18” of smooth waste yarn for a lifeline. Yarn needle for inserting lifeline.

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