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Joyful Punch Needle Embroidery

Joyful Punch Needle Embroidery with Martine Gibbons Saturday, March 21 ~ 2 – 4:30 pm ~ $50 ~ Includes punch needle kit to take home, and all materials.Inspired  by Mexican heart milagros, students will combine punch needle embroidery with other stitches to bring to life a unique, joyful piece of embroidery framed […]

Needle-Felted Birds

Needle-Felted Birds with Joy Winfrey   Wednesday, March 18, 2-5 pm ~ $40 ~ materials included. In the spirit of optimism, and because spring is just around the corner, we think you’ll need a few of these harbingers of better weather ahead. Learn a new craft to celebrate spring! Min. 3/Max. 12 […]

Needle-Felted Dryer Balls 

Needle-Felted Dryer Balls with Joy Winfrey     Monday, March 16 ~ 2 – 5 pm ~ $35, includes materials for 3 dryer balls Why use an old pair of sneakers or one of your dog’s discarded tennis balls to fluff things up when you can be drying in style with one of […]

Needle-Felted Nesting Bunny 

Needle-Felted Nesting Bunny with Joy Winfrey     Saturday, March 14 ~ 12 – 5 pm ~  $75 Includes materials for one nested bunny.This is truly one of the sweetest offerings in the entire needle-felted cosmos: your own Peter Rabbit, home safely from the perils of Mr. McGregor’s garden, sleeping it off in […]

Wet-Felted Placemat or Pet Mat 

Beginning Wet Felting – Place mat with Lauralee Deluca Wednesday, March 11 ~ 6 pm – 8 pm ~ $45 Includes materials for one place mat.Lauralee will guide you through the fascinating craft of wet felting, using roving to “paint” a design in wool. After you learn the basics of felting with […]

Brioche Knitting Basics 

Brioche Knitting Basics with Rosemarie Gagnon Saturday, March 28 ~ 1:00 – 5:30 pm ~ $65 + materials.  Brioche is a type of knitting that results in a springy, lofty, ribbed fabric. It’s a wonderful stitch to have in your knitting tool kit. This is a workshop-type class for learning basic […]

Needle-Felted Chair Pad or Pet Mat

Needle-Felted Chair Pad or Pet mat with Lauralee Deluca Tuesday, February 25 ~ 2 – 4:30 pm ~ $45 Includes materials for one mat.Your pet doesn’t like sitting on a cold chair any more than you do! Lauralee will help you remedy this critical situation by making a colorful needle-felted chair […]

Drop in Beginning Knitting

Saturday, February 22 ~ 2 – 4 pm ~ $20For those who have some experience but need a little booster shot, to those who have never held a pair of knitting needles — drop in to learn basic knitting skills. Ages 6 and up. Includes materials.

Needle-Felted Asian Dolls

Needle-Felted Asian Dolls with Joy Winfrey   Saturday, February 22 ~ 10:30 am – 1:30 pm ~ $60 ~ materials included.Joy will guide you through all aspects of making these dolls, which are certain to become family heirlooms. You’ll be able to decorate them so that each one has a distinctive costume, designed by you. […]

Spinning from the Lock

Spinning from the Lock with Lauralee Deluca   Tuesday, February 18  ~ 5:30 – 8 pm ~ $55 ~  materials included.Students will learn how to spin yarn from raw fleece. This is a fun spinning technique that takes material fromanimal to yarn. You’ll get the chance to sample different kinds of […]