Downloadable PDF of our Monthly Calendar

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2 reviews for Downloadable PDF of our Monthly Calendar

  1. numahka Swan (verified owner)

    Thanks Joanne!

  2. numahka Swan (verified owner)

    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you! I’m curious. Which ones? The prices vary and some of the classes are 5 or 6 sessions long. Mary’s Victoriana class (for example) includes 22 hours of instruction and a detailed workbook. It’s hard to include all of the information in the calendar. I encourage you (if you haven’t already) to go to our Zoom Classes page on this website. You’ll get all the juicy details there of what the class prices include.

  3. Sarah McMahan

    Nice calendar, but I’m astonished at the prices of classes!

  4. Joanne Hagensick

    Can’t rate it (yet) because I haven’t seen it, but I do think the idea of it is great!!

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