Fiberside Chats

Bazaar Girls has teamed up with Longmont Yarn Shoppe in Colorado and other shops across the country to present Fiberside Chats with famous designers.

Register at Longmont Yarn Shoppe and scroll down to find the Bazaar Girls sign up. It’s a great way to support yarn shops, designers and have some fun too!

Upcoming Fiberside Chats:

Today, Sunday, June 28 at 1 pm PDT

Ann Weaver

Ann Weaver combines her love of knitting, her passion for creative reuse and thrifting, and her love of mending to provide us with techniques for saving or repurposing our beloved handmade and ready-wear knitwear.  With the current trend to use what you already have and fix what’s broken, all the while rejecting the notion that newer is better, Ann will share examples of her altered and mended knits and demonstrate two methods of darning holes using simple tools. Darning can keep your beloved knitwear in service for years to come, and Ann hopes to inspire you to give new life to worn or thrifted textiles, perhaps in the form of a pincushion, a pillow, or some other use! Register Here

July 8 at 4 pm PDT

Jane Slicer-Smith

Our virtual “field” trips continue… Let’s go “down-under” to visit Jane Slicer-Smith’s studio in Sydney, AU! Jane’s studio has been described as an Aladdin’s Cave of color, filled with 120 garments of all shapes and styles. She will share design and styling techniques developed over the years. These tools of the trade are the key to fitting every shape and size in garments from Jackets to Swingcoats. We’ll learn about collar options, special steps to add polish to finishing, hemline and shaping techniques, and other design tips to elevate your garments with a professional look and finish. So, pull up a pew and have a gander mate!  Register Here

July 12 at 9 am PDT

Isabell Kraemer

Top-down sweater knitting is the topic of this mini-class with Isabell! We will be diving into the ‘secrets’ of this construction technique.  How does it work?  What do we have to do, and when do we have to do it to get the results we want?  Isabell will guide us through different top-down sweater construction methods and give ideas on how, when, and where to adjust sweaters to your liking and body shape.  Examples of various sweaters will be shown during class. Register Here

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