Lauralee Deluca


Lauralee Deluca


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Lauralee has been with us since we first opened Bazaar Girls Yarn shop. We began carrying some of her yarn and fiber even before she moved to Sequim from rural Alaska ~ where she lived for 32 years ~ to be nearer to her aging Dad.

Lauralee can spin any kind of fiber, even dog fur! She is easy going, super creative, fun to learn from & work with, and we never know what color her hair will be the next time we see her.  Also, I suspect her daughter works with the fiber faeries to keep us inspired. We often find little notes hidden around the shop after she has been there like this one, which was just what I needed to hear.


Lauralee is a life adventurer with a wild and varied history….including being a single mom who home schools her kids, and being very involved in living the AK bush lifestyle ~ mushing dogs for transportation, living off the grid in little log cabins, exploring, hunting, guiding, and in the summer taking tourists up the local river on jet boats.

She learned to spin on a drop spindle in 1980, sold her first yarn 3 years later, and has been teaching since 1985. She has been felting since 1986. Her experience is evident in her comprehensive mastery of her craft.