Two-Handed Fair Isle Knitting

126 Quincy St.

From 10:30 am until 1:30 pm

At Bazaar Girls Yarn Shop

126 Quincy St.


Two-Handed Fair Isle Knitting with Lisa Ellis ~

$55 + materials, available in the shop

Two-handed Fair Isle is a must for anyone wishing to knit in color. Floats are woven in as you knit, thus eliminating the ugly strands in the back of the work that tend to get snagged, pulled and puckered and which eventually will compromise the fabric. We’ll learn how to pick and throw using both hands at the same time as we practice reading and knitting from a chart. We’ll learn a two-color cast-on and a Russian graft closure for color and texture.

Experience level:  This class is an intermediate class. You must have basic color-stranding/Fair Isle experience and have completed a hat project of any type.

Please bring to class: 50 yards main color worsted-weight yarn; 50 yards contrasting color worsted-weight yarn; 25 yards highlight color worsted-weight yarn; US size 4 & 6 circular needles (16” length). Lisa will provide patterns. Min. 3/Max. 12

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