Spring Latvian Mitts with Beth Brown-Reinsel


From 10 am until 1 pm

At Zoom Meeting

$125 + materials


Beth Brown-Reinsel (knittingtraditions.com) has spent her career teaching knitters about knitting traditions from all over the world, and we are pleased to be able to bring Beth, with her vast knowledge of technique and history, to Bazaar Girls knitters. Beth will be coming to us from Vermont, via the wonders of Zoom.
In this two-day class, we will study some of the beautiful knitting methods of Latvia by knitting a pair of fingerless mitts. Students will learn the following techniques that can be applied to mitten cuffs, sock tops, or sleeves: scalloped cuffs; herringbone braid; split herringbone braid; a choice of two-, three- or four-color traditional motifs; the gusset-less thumb; and a picot edge at the end. Additional discussions include knitting with two yarns in the right hand, two yarns in the left hand, or yarn in each hand, as well as advice about knitting with three or four colors.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Latvian Mitts with Beth Brown-Reinsel

  • numahka Swan Post author

    Hi Janet,
    As far as I know, we are not requiring students to purchase yarn through us. We do encourage it and appreciate it when they do. This is our slowest time of year(even without a pandemic) and we could definitely use the support. We also understand wanting to support your local LYS. I’d say to do what is right for you, and thank you for signing up for this class. We are excited to have Beth teaching through us again.

  • Janet Bondanella

    Do I need to purchase yarn from you? It’s fine, if I need todo that. My LYS is one that started the summer before Covid. Unless you have requirement, I will purchase from her. If required, I’m fine with that too.
    Found you through Beth Brown Reinsel,. I am one of her Patreon backers.

    PS Maybe another time for Sivia.