Reading Your Knitting (and Charts)


From 1:00 pm until 2:00 pm

At Zoom Meeting


October 14, 2020
Most knitters run into problems when they aren't able to“read their knitting”—that is, they can’t recognize where they are in a pattern by simply looking at the stitches on the needles or in the fabric below the needles. How do you tell where you are when you’ve put your knitting down in the middle of a row? Can you tell how many rows you’ve knitted since the last increase, or decrease? How do you know what type of increase or decrease was worked? In this class, Ann will examine how the basic stitches look in a piece of knitting and how those stitches are represented in charts.
Ann Budd, a for-life Bazaar Girl because of all the retreats she's taught at and all the support she's given us through the years, will be holding a series of demonstrations via Zoom over the next several months. These will be one-hour sessions on various techniques. Ann is an incomparable teacher, with a wide and deep knowledge of technique and trouble-shooting. She literally wrote the book (many of them) on knitting. These sessions will be moderated, and attendees will have the chance to ask general questions at the end of the session. Ann will not be able to stop to offer individual instruction during the session. You will receive homework (if any) as well as a Zoom invitation when you sign up.

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