Pi Shawl Adventure: a 5-Session Class with Bristol Ivy


From 1:30 pm until 3:00 pm

At Zoom Meeting

$150 + materials. Includes $10 pattern handout.

Dates: Jan. 23; Feb. 6 & 20; Mar. 6 & 20. All classes meet on Zoom from 1:30-3:00 Pacific time.

Level: Intermediate

Join Bristol Ivy and choose your own adventure down the path of Pi shawls. Through our five-session, 10-week class, we'll explore the basics of Pi shawls, from the nuts and bolts of construction to introducing stitch patterns, color, and even edgings. By the end of the class, you will have created a totally individual Pi shawl of your very own and will have a good understanding of how to design Pi shawls of many types: circular, half-circular, and everything in between.

In the first session, we'll gain an understanding of how Pi shawl shaping functions, and get started through the first few sections of our shawl.

In the second session, we’ll experiment with stitch patterns. How do textured stitches interact with the Pi shawl formula? You’ll be given a choice of several texture stitches to try over these sections, or you can pick your own. Bristol will do the math so you don't have to. 

In session three, the color will come a-knocking in the form of mosaic knitting. This is an amazing way to add color without having to manage multiple strands at a time. As with our texture stitches, you’ll have several options (worked out by Bristol ahead of time) to play with to make your shawl truly your own.

By session four, we’ll be totally ready to tackle the final body section: lace. This largest section of your shawl will create a beautiful border with your choice of openwork and motifs. Possible motifs are included in your handout.

In our final session, we’ll discuss binding off, both traditionally and with one last design element: a knitted-on edging. This creates a beautifully fluid finish to your shawl and adds a cohesive finale to the whole. And after this session, you’ll have a Pi shawl of your own design and the tool kit to keep exploring your Pi shawl adventure.

Supplies: DK-weight yarn, approximately 800 yds of the main color and approximately 200 yds of contrasting color; needles appropriate to the yarn; stitch markers, tapestry needle.

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