In-Person with Bristol Ivy: Say It in Stitches: Encoding Messages in Lace


From 9:00 am until 4:00 pm

At Brigid's Loft

$275 + materials


All knitters know what knitting has to offer, but what if you could add the ability to create secret messages to that list? Please join us in Port Townsend as we welcome Bristol Ivy, here in person from her base in Maine. Bristol has been experimenting with encoding words into lace knitting, so that you could, for instance, make a shawl that has the names of your children, or the words to a favorite poem. For instance, when she was experimenting with this idea, Bristol made a scarf that featured a knitted representation of the airport codes of all the places she traveled to in 2020.

In this workshop, we’ll work on encoded lace, where we’ll turn words into numbers, numbers into knitting stitches, and knitting stitches into lace to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake. From there we’ll swatch, edit, and finally cast on and start a cowl using our lace designs.

We’ll have all the supplies you’ll need for this class available at Bazaar Girls. For experimenting, you will need smooth, light-colored worsted weight yarn and appropriate needles, knitting graph paper, pencil, and eraser. For cowl, please bring 300 yds worsted or DK weight yarn and appropriate needles (US6-7[4-4.5mm].


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