Baltic Two-Color Cast-On with Beth Brown-Reinsel


From 11 am until 1 pm

At Zoom Meeting


Learn to enhance your knitted items with the Herringbone Cast-on, the Kihnu Troi Cast-On, and two variations of the Twisted Loop Cast-on. These cast-ons, which have roots in the Baltics, are excellent choices for socks and mittens, durable yet elastic. We will work the cast-ons on different samples, and knit beyond the cast-ons to observe how the fabric will respond to the edge. Beth brings a deep knowledge of the history and culture of the knitting traditions she teaches. You'll go away with much more than an understanding of technique.

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4 thoughts on “Baltic Two-Color Cast-On with Beth Brown-Reinsel

  • numahka Swan Post author

    We’re super grateful that Beth is teaching through us. Thank you for signing up!

  • Judith Daurelle

    This is a perfect class for me since I love learning technics that I can use to design my own projects. Thank You so much for having it.

  • Janet Bondanella

    I can’t wait. Beth is a great teacher. She actually gives her students time to digest new information as well as execution of knitting.