Adjusting for a Different Gauge with Ann Budd


From 12 pm until 1 pm

At Zoom Meeting


What do you do when you absolutely cannot match the gauge specified in a pattern? In this one-hour online class, Ann Budd will guide you through adjusting a pattern to work for *your* gauge. Sometimes this means adjusting the numbers in the pattern and sometimes it means simply following the instructions for a different size. It’s all a matter of simple math and ratios that Ann will demystify.

A handout of how to use a conversion factor will be provided.

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One thought on “Adjusting for a Different Gauge with Ann Budd

  • Lane Trippe

    Basically, if you see a class taught by Ann Budd, you should just take it. Even if it’s some aspect of knitting you think you know, or you’re not sure is of interest to you, you will learn more from her “asides” than you learn in some whole classes. The asides alone make her classes worth more than the price of the class. And, yes, I’m following my own advice.